1. Major portion of the earth’s crust is mainly constituted by (A) Oxygen and Iron (B) Oxygen and Silicon (C) Silicon and

Periodic table

1. Who proposed the Modern Periodic Table? (A) Faraday (B) Mendeleev (C) Newton (D) Bohr Ans. (B) 2. Total number of Inner

Chemical Bonding

1. Formation of cation occurs by– (A) Gain of electron (B) Loss of electron (C) Gain of proton (D) Loss of proton

Acid, Base & Salt

1. Which of the following is the strongest acid? (A) CF3COOH (B) CBr3COOH (C) CH3COOH (D) CCl3COOH Ans. (A) 2. Which of

Redox Reactions

1. What happens in an Oxidation reaction? (A) Protons are lost (B) Electrons are lost (C) Neutrons are lost (D) Electrons are

Atomic Structure

1. ‘Atomic theory’ of the matter was given by (A) Avogadro (B) Dalton (C) Newton (D) Pascal Ans. (B) 2. Atomic size


1. NOT Gate can be operated by– (A) Single diode (B) Two diodes (C) Single Resistor (D) Single Transistor Ans. (D) 2.

Electro Magnetism

1. The purpose of choke in a fluorescent lamp is – (A) To decrease the voltage momentarily (B) To increase the flow

Work Energy & Power

1. Which of the following pair of a physical quantity has same dimensions? (A) Work and Energy (B) Force and Power (C)


1. Mass of a body on measuring in a lift at rest with a physical balance is found to be ‘m’. If

Force and Motion

1. A person is hurt on Kicking stone due to – (A) Inertia (B) Velocity (C) Reaction (D) Momentum Ans. (C) 2.


1. The velocity of sound in moist air is more than in dry air because the moist air has – (A) Less


1. Sun appears red in colour during sunrise and sunset due to (A) The fact that sun emits only red colour at


1. When a stone is thrown in calm water of a pond waves produced are- (A) Longitudinal wave (B) Transverse wave (C)


1. Formic acid is produced by– (A) White ants (B) Cockroaches (C) Red ants (D) Mosquitoes Ans. (C) 2. Which is the

Human Diseases

1. AIDS virus has– (A) Single-stranded RNA (B) Double-stranded RNA (C)Single-stranded DNA (D)Double-stranded DNA Ans. (A) 2. Some viruses have RNA, but

Human body system

F. Endocrine System 1. Which of the following release sex hormone– (A) Adrenal gland (B) Thyroid gland (C) Pituitary gland (D) Sebaceous

Human body system

D. Excretory System 1. The functional unit of the Kidney is– (A) Aron (B) Nephron (C) Nephron (D) Arteries Ans. (C) 2.

Human body system

C. Circulatory system and blood 1. Which of the following are warm blooded animals? (A) Whales (B) Whale sharks (C) Alytes (D)