Miscellaneous MODERN PHYSICS 1. NOT Gate can be operated by– (A) Single diode (B) Two diodes (C) Single Resistor (D) Single Transistor Ans. (D) 2. Silicon is a– (A) Semiconductor (B) Insulator (C) Conductor (D) Electric Resistor Ans. (A) 3. What will be the effect on the resistance of a semiconductor on increasing its temperature? … Read more

Electro Magnetism

Electro Magnetism 1. The purpose of choke in a fluorescent lamp is – (A) To decrease the voltage momentarily (B) To increase the flow of current (C) To decrease the resistance (D) To decrease the flow of current Ans. (D) 2. The cause of magnetism in materials is– (A) Electrons at rest (B) Protons at … Read more

Work Energy & Power

Work Energy & Power 1. Which of the following pair of physical quantity has same dimensions? (A) Work and Energy (B) Force and Power (C) Work and Power (D) Power and Motion Ans. (A) . 2. Energy stored in a spring in watch– (A) Kinetic Energy (B) Potential Energy (C) Heat Energy (D) Chemical Energy … Read more


1. Mass of a body on measuring in lift at rest with a physical balance is found to be ‘m’. If the Lift is accelerated upward with acceleration ‘a’. Now what will be the mass of body? (A) L (B) m (g + a) (C) M (D) Zero Ans. (B) 2. The apparent weight of … Read more

Force and Motion

Force and Motion 1. A person is hurt on Kicking stone due to – (A) Inertia (B) Velocity (C) Reaction (D) Momentum Ans. (C) 2. A body with uniform motion– (A) Can’t be accelerated (B) Can be accelerated (C) Always accelerated (D) Remains in uniform velocity Ans. (B) 5. Which of the following force is … Read more


Kinematic 1. What should a person do on a freely rotating turn-table to decrease his angular speed? (A) Brings his hands together (B) Raises his hands up (C) Spreads his hands outward (D) Sits down with raised hands Ans. (C) 2. Which of the following particle has maximum momentum, if all particles are moving with … Read more


1. The velocity of sound in moist air is more than in dry air because the moist air has – (A) Less pressure than dry air (B) More density than dry air (C) Less density than dry air (D) More pressure than dry air Ans. (C) 2. Hertz is the unit of……… (A) Frequency (B) … Read more


1. Sun appears red in colour during sunrise and sunset due to (A) The fact that sun emits only red colour at that time (B) Red light having longer wavelength scatters away (C) The sun comes out of the mountains (D) The fact that all other colours scatter away except red Ans. (D) 2. The … Read more


Type, Properties and Wave Motion 1. When a stone is thrown in calm water of a pond waves produced are- (A) Longitudinal wave (B) Transverse wave (C) Both A and B (D) Wave does not Produced Ans. (C) 2. Which instrument can be used to study the wave form of a signal? (A) Spectrometer (B) … Read more

Heat & Thermodynamics

Heat 1. Therm is the unit of (A) Power (B) Heat (C) Light (D) Distance Ans. (B) 2. Ice is packed in sawdust because (A) Saw dust does not stick to the ice (B) Saw dust will not get melt easily (C) Saw dust is a good conductor of heat (D) Saw dust is a … Read more