Excretory System gk mcq

1. The functional unit of Kidney is– (A) Aron (B) Nephron (C) Nephron (D) Arteries Ans. (C) 2. Which of the following is responsible for water balance in human body? (A) Heart (B) Liver (C) Kidney (D) Lungs Ans. (C) 3. Which of the following main excretory waste uric acid– (A) Amoeba (B) Butterfly (C) … Read more

Circulatory system and blood gk mcq

1. Which of the following are warm blooded animals? (A) Whales (B) Whale sharks (C) Alytes (D) Draco Ans. (A) 2. To which group of blood a universal recipient belongs? (A) A group (B) B group (C) O group (D) AB group Ans. (D) 3. RBCs do not perform aerobic respiration because these do not … Read more

Respiratory System gk mcq pdf

1. Cockroach cannot survive in the water because its respiratory organ is– (A) Gill (B) Trachea (C) Book lung (D) Pulmonary sac Ans. (B) 2. Among the following set of salient feature, which set does not exclusively characterise mammals? (A) Presence of sweat glands, hairs on skin and diphyodonts (B) Presence of mammary glands, sweat … Read more

Digestive system gk mcq

Digestive system gk mcq 1. Vegetable are spoil because they contain rich amount of – (A) Carbohydrate (B) Water (C) Vitamin (D) Enzyme Ans. (B) 2. Which of the following organs convert glycogen into glucose and purifiers blood? (A) Liver (B) Kidney (C) Lungs (D) Dvodenum Ans. (A) 3. Table Sugar, is which kind of … Read more

Animal Cells and Tissues gk mcq

1. Glucose is a type of– (A) Pentose sugar (B) Hexose sugar (C) Tetrose sugar (D) Diose sugar Ans. (B) 2. In the human body, fats are stored in the– (A) Epidermis (B) Adipose tissue (C) Liver (D) Epithelium Ans. (B) 3. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (A) Vitamin B : … Read more

Animal Cells and Tissues gk mcq

1. Blubber is– (A) A milky secretion of rubber plant (B) A layer of thick fat (C) A device to trap insects by some aquatic (D) Fungal infection of rice plants Ans. (B) 2. Which one of the following is known as the ‘Immovable Property’ in the cell? (A) Carbohydrate (B) Fat (C) Protein (D) … Read more

Classification of Animal Kindgom mcq quiz

1. A contemporary of Charles Darwin who came to the same conclusion in the matter of organic evolution was– (A) Jean Baptist Lamarck (B) Thomas Huxley (C) Alfred Russel Wallace (D) Franklin Benjamin Ans. (C) 2. Panda belongs to the same family as that of– (A) Whale (B) Bear (C) Kangaroo (D) Porcupine Ans. (B) … Read more

Evolution Agriculture Biodivesity gk mcq

Ecology, Evolution Agriculture Biodivesity 1. Nutrients are recycled in the atmosphere with the help of certain microorganisms referred to as– (A) Producers (B) Consumers (C) Decomposers (D) None of these Ans. (C) 2. The green manure is obtained from– (A) Fresh animal excreta (B) Decomposing green legume plants (C) Domestic vegetables waste (D) Oil seed … Read more

Plant Physiology and Pollination mcq

1. Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants? (A) Manganese (B) Boron (C) Copper (D) Molybdenum Ans. (B) 2. Which wood will become useless soon after exposing in the open air? (A) Softwood (B) Fibrous wood (C) Wet wood (D) Hard wood Ans (C) 3. Onion is a … Read more

Plant Development Biology mcq

1. The rootless plant is – (A) Lemna (B) Banana (C) Ginger (D) Lemon Ans. (C) 2. Sporangia bearing leaf of a fern is called as– (A) Ramentum (B) Indusium (C) Sorus (D) Sporophyll Ans. (D) 3. ‘Coralloid Root’ of Cycas helps in– (A) Absorption of water (B) Absorption of water and fixation of nitrogen … Read more