General Science Light Waves objective questions

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Light Waves

🌿. If a 10 cm. If a concave mirror with a focal length of K is immersed in water, then its focal length will-
(a) decrease (b) increase
(c) will remain unchanged (d) the sign will change
Ans: (a)

🌿. What is the wavelength of a sound wave in a medium whose frequency is 840 Hz and speed is 380 m/s?
(a) 5.45 m (b) 1.45 m
(c) 0.45 m (d) 2.45 m
Ans: (c)

🌿. On what does the speed of light in a vacuum depend?
(a) Wavelength (b) Frequency
(c) Intensity (d) None of these
Ans: (d)

🌿. Real image is obtained from-
(a) convex lens and convex mirror
(b) convex lens and concave mirror
(c) concave lens and concave mirror
(d) concave lens and convex mirror
Ans: (b)

🌿. A rear view mirror in a vehicle is –
(a) plane mirror (b) convex mirror
(c) concave lens (d) concave mirror
Ans: (b)

🌿. The color of light is determined by
(a) its velocity in air
(b) frequency
(c) angle
(d) none of these
Ans: (d)

🌿. Why does dry sand appear shiny while wet sand is dull?
(a) it is an optical illusion
(b) its cause is reflection
(c) its cause is refraction
(d) its cause is transmission
Ans: (b)

🌿. Which type of lens is used in the camera?
(a) convex
b) concave
c) spherical
(d) uniform thickness
Ans: (a)

🌿. Which lens is used in myopia?
(a) Concave (b) Plane
(c) Convex (d) Convex
Ans: (a)

🌿. The speed of a radio wave as compared to the speed of light is
(a) less
(b) greater
(c) uniform
(d) infinite
(e) none
Ans: (c)

🌿. Which of the following is used as a magnifying glass?
(a) plane mirror (b) concave mirror
(c) converging lens (d) diverging lens
Ans: (c)

🌿. Which planet looks red in the night sky?
(a) Mercury (b) Mars
(c) Jupiter (d) Saturn
Ans: (b)

🌿. The flash of lightning is seen before the sound of thunder is heard,
(a) because the flash of lightning is very close to the earth and thunder is very far away
(b) because light travels faster than sound
(c) ) Because our eyes can see faster than our ears can hear
(d) Because sound is made up of heavy particles
Ans: (b)

🌿. The imagery created by plane mirror –
(A) virtual
(b) actual
(c) never real, but virtual
None of these (D)
Ans: (A)

🌿. The color of water in the sea appears blue due to
(a) Refraction of blue light by impurities of sea water
(b) Reflection of blue sky by sea water
(c) Molecules of sea water except blue absorbing manages
(d) scattering of blue light by water molecules
Ans: (d)

🌿. Microscope is used
(a) to see stars
(b) to check blood pressure
(c) to see fine objects
(d) to check temperature
Ans: (c)

🌿. What is a telescope?
(a) a distant object is seen
(b) a near object is seen
(c) it measures the depth of water
(d) none of these
Ans: (a)

🌿. Which of the following is correct— (a) 1 1 1 fuv (b) f D 2 (c) 1 1 1 fuv (d) f = v + u
Ans: (c)

🌿. Blue color of sky is due to
(a) Diffraction (b) Scattering
(c) Refraction (d) Reflection
Ans: (b)

🌿. The phenomenon of polarization in light proves that light waves are-
(a) sharp (b) progressive
(c) transverse (d) longitudinal
Ans: (c)

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