NAEP abbreviation || What is this meaning ..

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NAEP abbreviation || What is this meaning ..

31. For which scientific achievement Alexander Fleming is remembered?
(a) For making compounds of elements like mercury, lead, platinum etc.
(b) For discoveries related to cosmic rays and quantum theory
(c) For invention of microscope
(d) For discovery of curative penicillin
Ans: (d)

32. With which field of science is the name of Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhabha associated?
(a) Nuclear Science (b) Inorganic Chemistry
(c) Botany (d) Biology
Ans: (a)

33. Who among the following experts was a great mathematician and astronomer?
(a) Aryabhatta (b) Banabhatta
(c) Dhanvantari (d) Vetalbatiya
Ans: (a)

34. Choose the correct option from the following –
(a) Ability to make adjustments is called intelligence.
(b) The ability of abstract reasoning is called intelligence.
(c) Intelligence is a set of many types of abilities.
(d) The ability to learn and use it is called intelligence.
Ans: (c)

35. “CAS” is the abbreviation for—
(a) Conditional Audio System
(b) Conditional Access System
(c) Complete Audio System
(d) Complete Access System
Ans: (b)

36. What is the short form of “SIM”?
(a) Signal-in-Formation Mode
(b) Simple Identity Mode
(c) Subscriber Identity Module
(d) Separating Information Matrix
Ans: (c)

37. The extension form of ATM is—
(a) All Time Money
(b) Any Time Money
(c) Automated Teller Machine
(d) All Time Machine
Ans: (c)

38. The short form of “SARS” is-
(a) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
(c) Sensitive Acute Respiratory Syndrome
(d) Secretory Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Ans: (a)

39. What is the broad form of DOS?
(a) None of these
(b) Disk offset system
(c) Direct offset system
(d) Scope offset system
Ans: (a)

40. TRAI is related to :
(a) Telecom Regulatory authority of India
(b) Telecast Regulatory Association of India
(c) Telephone Regulatory authority of India
(d) None of these
Ans: (a)

41. HTML The term used in Information Technology means –
(a) Hybrid Text Mark up Language
(b) Hyper Text Mark up Language
(c) Human Text Mark up Language
(d) High Text Mark up Language
Ans: (b)

42. The term ‘CAT’ scan used by doctors means
(a) Computer Analysis Test
(b) Computerized Axial Tomography
(c) Computer Analyzed Tomography
(d) Computerized Axial Test
Ans: (b)

43. The abbreviation PSLV means
(a) Polar Survey Landing Vehicle
(b) Polarized Source Laser Viewing
(c) Precision Source Locating Vision
(d) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
Ans: (d)

44. NAEP abbreviation means
(a) National Atomic Energy Planning
(b) National Adult Education Program
(c) National Authority on Engineering Projects
(d) Nuclear and Atomic Energy Projects
Ans: (b)

45. Which of the following abbreviations is used for the organization related to the Indian space program?
(a) NASA (b) ISO
(c) ISRO (d) INSAT
Ans: (c)

46. ​​Which of the following abbreviations is used for the organization related to the Indian Defense Forces?
(a) DOD (b) RDSO
(c) DRDO (d) DRES
Ans: (c)

47. ‘CTC’ The word is related.
(a) Jute (b) Cement
(c) Tea (d) Cinema
Ans: (c)

48. AIDS means
(a) acquired immune disease syndrome
(b) acquired immunity deficiency syndrome
(c) acquired immune deficiency syndrome
(d) acquired infection deficiency syndrome
Ans: (c)

49. Where are battle tanks made in India?
(a) Perambur (b) Avadi
(c) Bhadravati (d) Kirki
Ans: (b)

50. CNG means
(a) Cold Natural Gas (b) Combined Natural Gas (c) Compressed Natural Gas
(d) Coal Natural Gas
Ans: (c)

51. The name of which (object) developed indigenously is Prithvi?
(a) Nuclear reactor
(b) Medium range ballistic missile
(c) Spacecraft engine
(d) Surface-to-air missile
Ans: (b)

52. Where is the National Defense Academy located?
(a) Dehradun (b) Poona
(c) Wellington (d) Khadakwasla
Ans: (d)

53. In the Indian Army, ‘Vijayant’ is a name for
(a) Cannon (b) Rifle
(c) Tank (d) Aircraft
Ans: (c)

54. Which of the following is not a chemical change?
(a) Rusting of iron
(b) Conversion of water into steam
(c) Solidification of curd with milk
(d) Burning of coal
Ans: (b)

55. What is ‘Lakshya’, an important addition to the Indian Security Force?
(a) Submarine
(b) Pilotless airplane
(c) Anti-tank missile
(d) A fighter plane
Ans: (b)

56. “Dhruv” is—
(a) Surface to Air Missile
(b) Secret Warship
(c) Reactor
(d) Helicopter
Ans: (d)

57. India’s first battlefield missile is
(a) Akash (b) Prithvi
(c) Agni (d) Nag
Ans: (b)

58. Trishul is-
(a) a surface-to-surface missile
(b) a surface-to-air missile
(c) a surface-to-surface missile
(d) an anti-tank missile
Ans: (b)

59. Where is Defense Service Staff College located?
(a) Dehradun (b) Pune
(c) Willington (d) Khadakwasla
Ans: (c)

60. Which of the following is a submarine of the Indian Navy?
(a) INS Viraat (b) INS Sindhurakshak
(c) INS Rajali (d) INS Vikrant
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